Kosljun Island

The island of Kosljun is located along the southwestern coast of the island of Krk, in draga of Punat (Kosljun). At first glance it is very specific because of its shape throughout the day it is sunny. Also on the island a special experience gives the Franciscan monks living in the monastery on the island itself. You can visit the island by taxi boat, and for 20 HRK you can arrive and leave from the island. Various shows, exhibitions and concerts are held on the island because the ambience creates a truly special atmosphere.

Legend about the origin of the island

Namely, in the bay where the island was situated there was no sea but a fertile field that was owned by two brothers. The brothers were cultivated the field, but as one of them was blind, he was often stolen by another. The God was extremely angry about that and he sunk the field and left only the property and the house of the blind brother, today known as the Kosljun Island.

History and cultural heritage of the island

The history of Kosljun dates back to the prehistoric times, and in the 15th century the island was occupied by the Franciscans. The whole island is arranged as a museum and is paid ticket of 20 HRK of which now monks live. At the entrance to the Franciscan monastery is the inscription “Peace and good”, which is also a greeting for visitors. In the monastery there is an organ dates back over 110 years and the polyptych by Girolamo of s. Croce. Here is also a library with about 30,000 books, but it is not open to the public. Part of the monastery is arranged as a museum that possesses a wealth of historical things and shops where you can buy souvenirs as the memories from the island.

On the island of Kosljun, there is a statue of Saint Assis with a wolf that represents wild nature, becoming a friend to man.

The nature of the island of Kosljun

The synergy of man and nature on the island is very pronounced. It is possible to walk around the island, mostly along the coast. Walking along the island, you can see that the forest of evergreen oak trees protects the monastery and fertile ground from the strong winds and rain. There are about 485 different plant species on the island, and some of them cannot be found anywhere in the Mediterranean except on the island. Of the animal species on the island there are only birds and insects and 150 different kinds of mushrooms.

But we do not want to find out all the details, it’s best to visit it and find out by yourself! 😉 Please let us know if you need some advices and of course accommodation! 😉