Liquid gold of the island of Krk | Olive oil

Krk Olive Oil, or as we also call it “liquid gold of the island of Krk”, is entered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications. The production takes place on the island of Krk, more accurately, in the areas of Baška, Vrbnik, Punta, Dobrinj, Malinska-Dubašnica and Omišalj, and on smaller islands around Krk. The olive, the queen of the Mediterranean, has been grown here since the Roman times.

The liquid gold of the island of Krk is extra virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree by solely mechanical means from cultivars of olives indigenous to Krk like ‘Debela’, ‘Naška’, ‘Rošulja’, and ‘Slatka’. Every one of these cultivars should individually or together constitute at least 80%. Other cultivars from the same geographical area can be used in the production, but they must constitute up to 20% without influence on the quality of the product.

Krk Olive Oil of the highest quality

The island of Krk with its geographical position helps to produce high-quality olive oil with a large amount of oleic acid and polyphenols that give freshness and aromaticity. The reason for that is also the continent’s influence on the climate conditions of the Mediterranean region. During the winter, temperatures are low and sometimes snow falls, while summer temperatures are high, accompanied by drought. Biological stress is produced in those conditions, and the olive responds by producing secondary metabolites such as polyphenols, yielding the specific features of Krk’s liquid gold, the olive oil.

The consequences of high amounts of polyphenols that also give antioxidative properties and protect the oil from deteriorating due to oxidation are sharpness and bitterness. Krk’s olive oil is called the liquid gold of the island of Krk with good reason because three important factors affect it: local environmental factors, indigenous cultivars, and human factors with traditions of olive growing and olive-oil production.

When placing the product on the market, each packaging must feature a logo, that indicates the authenticity and geographical origin.

Plan a trip and visit the oil mills on the island of Krk

While staying on the island of Krk, you can try olive oil in various restaurants, taverns, and households.

You can also visit the oil mills and learn about growing and processing olives. During the tasting of olive oil you will experience its specific flavor and aroma. Meals indigenous to Krk are prepared from homemade produce based on Krk’s olives and olive oil, and, as a souvenir from your trip, you can take your own bottle of the liquid gold from the island of Krk.

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