Naturism on the Island of Krk

First of all, let’s clear out the facts.

Naturists are persons who prefer living without clothing, which means it is a lifestyle.
are persons who like being naked. They are considered to be less spiritual than naturists.

Naturists believe that life without clothing brings health benefits (physical and mental) and that harmony with nature contributes to stress relief, self-esteem, respect to others and attention to the environment. Because of naturism being a lifestyle, there are naturism camps and societies where people can go to stores and restaurants completely nude.

On the island of Krk there are two naturism camps, Bunculuka near Baška and Konobe near Punat.

Naturism camp Bunculuka

It is located in a peaceful location in the middle of a forest but not far from the center of Baška. It is famous for its beautiful pebbly beach and numerous facilities. There are also numerous sport courts and it offers various animation programmes for children and adults. It’s a real little Mediterranean oasis in which you can enjoy carelessly in crystal clear sea, light breeze and the singing of the birds.

Naturism camp Konobe

The camp is 3km away from the town of Punat, on the west side of the island. It exudes smells of the Mediterranean, peace and ecologically preserved scenery with unique views. The biggest beach in the camp proudly flies a Blue flag. The coast stretching from the camp all the way to Stara Baška is a zone of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk. This is the Area of Special State Concern due to its unique natural white beaches, unusual cliffs and specific scenery. It’s a paradise for people who wish to enjoy in harmony with nature.

From the nudist beaches we can also mention:

  • Official nudist beach Tomaževo, Krk – pebbly/concrete beach with the view of the sea and the old town of Krk. It is located in camp Camping Krk (former Politin), two kilometers south of the town of Krk.
  • Nudist wild beach Njivice – located in camp Njivice in Njivice. It is five kilometres long and you can enjoy on about 10 pebbly beaches.
  • Nudist beach Rajska plaža in Malinska – an unofficial nudist beach. It is called Rajska (heavenly) because it’s situated along with Rajski put (Heaven Road), a famous hiking trail on the island. The beach is mostly rocky with pebbly areas.
  • There are more unofficial nudist beaches in Omišalj, Dražice and Punat.

    If naturism is your way of life, you will definitely find a beautiful beach to enjoy in harmony with nature on the island of Krk. Diverse flora and fauna, clear and clean sea and loads of beaches – ideal conditions for human and nature to become one.