5 reasons why you should visit the Plitvice lakes National park

You’re planning a vacation on the island of Krk and you’re wondering if there’s anything else worth visiting nearby? The answer to that question is YES, of course, and one of those locations is definitely the Plitvice lakes National park.

This world known park of stunning beauty is situated in Lika, about 150km and a 2 and a half hour drive away from the island of Krk. It spreads on about 300m2 and is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

Plitvice lakes have been pronounced the first Croatian National park in 1949., and UNESCO added it to the list of protected world heritage in 1979. It consists of 16 lakes, linked in a cascade and separated by tufa dams, surrounded by lush forest.

In continuation, read more on what makes it a perfect candidate for a one day excursion during your vacation on the island of Krk.

Why you should definitely visit the Plitvice lakes?

1. The Big waterfall

The Big waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Croatia and the most beautiful in the whole park. With its 78m of height, in wintertime it almost always freezes and becomes an impressive ice attraction.

2. Hiking trails

Hiking lovers have 4 beautiful hiking trails all over the park at their disposal. Depending on how much you want to hike and enjoy the nature, you can choose between hour and a half trails all the way to 8 hour trails. Dive into the natural beauty of Plitvice and enjoy fresh and relaxing forest air.

Excursion to Plitvice lakes from the island of Krk

3. Magical colours of the lakes

Turquoise, blue, gray and green colour of the lakes is a perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos, and at the same time very relaxing. The colour of the lakes is determined by the microorganisms in the water, different minerals and the angle of the sunlight hitting the water.

4. Tufa sediment

Tufa barriers began producing 12 000 to 15 000 years ago and they are the reason behind the beauty of lakes and waterfalls. In Plitvice lakes, there are findings of tufa more then 300 000 years old.

5. Panoramic train

For those who are not hiking lovers, but still wish to look around the park, there’s a train driving the visitors around the park. So, when you’ve had enough walking, hop on the train and enjoy a panoramic ride. This option is a big advantage for those who have trouble walking as they still get to enjoy the park and its beauty.

Excursion from the island of Krk to Plitvice lakes

The Plitvice lakes National park is situated on the border of Ličko-senjska and Karlovačka county, between Mala Kapela mountain and the Lička Plješivica mountain chain. From the island of Krk you can reach Plitvice by car, on an organized bus excursion or on an excursion that combines boat and bus rides for a special experience.

When should you visit Plitvice?

The Plitvice lakes experience is impressive any time of the year. Every season gives the park a different appearance. In the summer there are the most visitors so, if you can choose, it’s better to organize a trip in June or September when it’s still sunny and dry but less crowded.

Early morning, when the sunlight reflects on the waterfalls is the most beautiful and most peaceful time of the day. In autumn you can experience magical colours of the forest surrounding the park. And in wintertime you will be awaited by the calming snow covered trees and natural sculptures of frozen lakes and waterfalls.

When is the best time to visit Plitvice lakes?

We believe we managed to explain why you should visit the Plitvice lakes during your vacation on the island of Krk. If you need assistance with excursions or choosing and booking accommodation on the island of Krk, we are here for you.