Tips for an ideal family vacation on the island of Krk

Island of Krk, with its diverse offer of activities, picturesque towns and villages, numerous restaurants offering all sorts of food and drinks, takes first place when talking about summer family vacations. Long days spent on the beach, beautiful evenings walking down the beach, many playgrounds, aqua parks, sports grounds, bicycle and hiking trails, will ensure a dream vacation for every family member.

Planning a family vacation on the island of Krk, in theory, is a great idea on how to spend the vacation in order to maximize the family time. But often, nervousness and rush appear already while preparing for the trip. To keep your calm and truly enjoy your vacation with kids on the island of Krk, we bring you several advices on how to avoid the tension!

  • Choose a destination that offers something for each family member.
  • Clearly discuss and make a decision considering the wants and needs of everybody joining the vacation. Island of Krk is continuously investing in family tourism. Expanding its family offer according to needs, innovations and trends of other destinations in Croatia, and the world as well.
  • Don’t overwhelm your day with activities and excursions. Remember you are here to rest, hang out and reset. Enjoy the things you were fantasizing about in the destination. Leave be everything that makes you nervous. Even if your plans get scrambled, take it with a smile and find an alternative. Life is an adventure on its own, why go against it?
  • If the situation allows it, organize a time to separate for a while. While the children are in playrooms, you can have a couples massage or enjoy in a lounge bar, café… Take time for yourself. You don’t want end up going back home wishing a vacation from the vacation before going back to the everyday routine.
  • Try to maintain the routine of going to bed and waking up. You don’t want shock your body and feel tired and nervous, ruining your holiday experience on island of Krk.
  • If you’re dreaming of beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, top-notch food and beverage, homemade products, fascinating historical and cultural sights with a long history, you should consider island of Krk as your next destination for a summer vacation.
  • Besides, the island of Krk offers a perfect active vacation. Bicycle and hiking trails, mountain climbing and reaching the highest peaks, tennis courts and much more, will ensure an adventurous vacation! Ideal activities for vacation with children.
Vacation with children on the island of Krk/Urlaub mit Kindern auf der Insel Krk

The island of Krk – a fun destination for the children

We had previously written why the island of Krk is an ideal choice for all generations. It’s not a problem to remind you of the heavenly beaches, beautiful crystal clear sea, natural beauty scattered all around the island. It’s breathtaking to each new and returning visitor. We will attend to our youngest and the cutest visitors, our youngsters. We recommend cool activities to entertain your kids, stimulate their curiosity and implant love towards new destinations and culture.

A sneak peek into the underwater world of the island of Krk

Explore a unique experience of the sea world and the underwater world by visiting the Baška aquarium. We are sure, you will be thrilled by the richness and the diversity of the Adriatic fish. Enjoy observing the sea world contained in 21 aquariums and 35m3 of sea. Observe one of the biggest collections of Adriatic shellfish and snails in Croatia. Another way to get to know the underwater world of the Adriatic is a two hour sail on a motor boat “LITUS”. Thanks to his glass bottom you can get to see all the beauty of the sea flora and fauna.
Aquarium Terrarium Krk is also one of the favourite locations for families with children. The whole family can enjoy seeing fish from cold sweet waters of Croatia and the world in 20 big tanks. The terrarium, where you can enjoy observing iguanas, the panther chameleon, the royal python an many other animals, creates a special excitement.

Little explorers

Many cycling and hiking trails are a great way of having fun for the entire family. Admire the beauty, explore interesting nooks and crannies like the historic location of Fulfinum Mirine. Take a glance of the magical Biserujka cave, which the kids really like due to its impressive insides and the rich life inside of it.

An adrenaline day

You won’t be short on adrenaline on the island of Krk, regardless of which age group you belong to. The aqua park, amusement park, wakeboarding or ziplining? Whether you love the adrenaline in the water, sea, in the mountains or the woods, the selection is diverse and rich. Maybe it’s best to try out as much as possible.

Fun in the mud

We can say the Soline bay is a proper medical destination. The sea is very shallow, therefore always warm and suitable for the youngest. The medicinal mud has a healing effect to skin and rheumatic conditions. Also provides an excellent entertainment for the whole family, so, dive in the mud, no objections.

This is just a small part of everything our “golden island” has to offer to the youngest of visitors and guests. There is plenty of fun, sports and perfect locations. Enjoy your well deserved family vacation on the island of Krk, with children’s laughter and the playful spirit.

Unterkunft für Familienurlaub auf der Insel Krk, Kroatien

An ideal accommodation for family and friends on the island of Krk

Accommodating family and friends has become a much more important factor in planning a vacation and choosing a travel destination. The company and the family have been, and always will be, the most important thing surrounding you during vacation. The time spent together and the memories made are the biggest gift you will be taking away from your family vacation.

Accommodation facilities on the island of Krk, among else, pride in excellent peaceful locations as well as perfect sea views. Sipping coffee on the terrace while listening to the murmur of the waves is just a small part of what you are to expect during your vacation on the island of Krk. The vicinity of the sea or a pool within the facility are some of the reasons why a family or friends gathering is the best choice. A special emphasis has been put on exterior decoration so you can spend time in the outdoors as well as use numerous contents for the whole family ant time of the day.

Check out our offer of villas, holiday homes and apartments for family and friends here! We are looking forward to your inquiries and we are always here for you!