How to spend your vacation on the island of Krk in October

By many, the best time of the year has arrived. It’s still warm enough for a pleasant outdoor stay, many still find it warm enough for swimming, and the summer crowds are gone. Although the summer is the most dynamic part of the year the island of Krk offers plenty to its visitors even in the off season.

Stunning natural beauty, therapeutic sea air, many historic sites and hiking and cycling tracks are reasons enough to choose Krk for your autumn vacation.

In continuation we will mention several options for an unforgettable vacation:

Baška Outdoor Festival

Baška is situated on the very south of the island, in a beautiful bay and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kvarner. Besides from the beautiful beaches, Baška offers numerous hiking and cycling tracks, making it an optimal destination for all those loving an active vacation and an active way of life.

Every year, middle of October, the famous Baška Outdoor Festival takes place in Baška. It lasts for 3 days, over the weekend and it’s an ideal opportunity for all hikers, runners, cyclists, climbers and adventurists to partake in outdoor activities.

Recreational and therapeutic horse riding on the island of Krk

Whether you’re a passionate horse lover or just curious, near Njivice you can find an equestrian centre where everyone can try horse riding. Recreational horse riding in beautiful terrains is meant for children and adults, and it’s an experience unlikely to be forgotten.

For children without previous experience, horse riding is conducted in a fenced area, while children with previous experience and adults can get to know the landscape of Krk while riding a horse. The centre employees will make sure you overcome any fears and teach you how to behave around a horse, teach you to groom a horse, harness and saddle a horse.

Olive days on the island of Krk

Extra virgin olive oil is the liquid treasure of the island of Krk. It is produced from the olive fruit by mechanic process exclusively, from autochthonous olive sorts, and has a protected designation of origin in the European Union.

Every October since 1996., an event takes place on the island of Krk, dedicated to olive oil lovers and its producers. You can take part in olive picking, tour the olive groves and olive mills or taste homemade products (olive oil, goat and sheep cheese, honey, wine and fig schnapps).

Wellness tourism on the island of Krk

Island of Krk has a pleasant Mediterranean climate and over 2500 hours of sun annually. Also, here you get to breathe clean sea air and swim in crystal clear sea. If your life is fast and stressful, there is nothing better for relaxing than a wellness treatment in the island’s pleasant climate.

From wellness centres you can choose between Malin, Pinia and Corinthia hotels, in Malinska and Baška. They offer pools with counter current machines and massages, fitness centres, bio, infrared and Finnish saunas, tanning salons and hot tubs. You can also choose between massages, facial and body treatments, pedicures or manicures.

Vacation on the island of Krk in October

As you can see, you can’t go wrong if you decide to take a vacation on the island of Krk in October. Many interesting activities are available, and to make the whole experience unforgettable, choose accommodation that perfectly suits your needs.

If you need help booking or have any questions, feel free to contact us.