Get to know Malinska – beaches, activities, natural sites

Explore Malinska, a town in the western part of the island of Krk with few rainy and about 260 sunny days throughout the year, characterized by a mild, Mediterranean climate. It is situated in a forested bay, sheltering it from cold winds. It belongs to the Dubašnica area, with some twenty other nearby settlements. 

Malinska is a place rich in natural, cultural and historic attractions. Diverse contents and rich offer makes Malinska adaptable to all seasons; from its interesting and long history and culture, through natural attractions and active holidays to excellent restaurants and night life.

Historical landmarks in Malinska

If you’re planning a visit, we can point you to several landmarks that no tour should leave out:

  • Franciscan Church and Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene
  • The remains of the Church of St. Apollinaris
  • Church of St. Peter
  • Archeological site Cickini with the remains of a pseudobasilica dating from the 6th century.

A rich Glagolitic heritage has given the island of Krk the epithet of the cradle of Croatian literacy and culture. Dubašnica contributed to the Glagolitic tradition thanks to the activities of Glagolitic priests.

Natural attractions in Malinska

Natural beauties, clear blue sea and pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate have influenced the development of tourism in Malinska. A multitude of tourists have recognized the beauty and the pleasant atmosphere in Malinska, which is why they revisit time and again. Malinska is also known as a natural healing site due to abundant vegetation and its microclimate.

Its beaches are known for clear sea water and level of amenities, and some have been carrying the blue flag for a number of years, as a sign of their quality. The must-visit beaches are Rupa, Maestral, Malin Draga, Mul, Haludovo and Rajska plaža (Paradise Beach).

Culture and entertainment in Malinska

Throughout the year, you can enjoy numerous classical and traditional concerts in Malinska. In addition, many restaurants offer a wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine, authentic local dishes and products, and after dinner you can keep partying long into the night in one of the multitude of cafés.

Active holiday in Malinska

There are more than 50 km of tended walking trails in Malinska. Cycling is allowed on most of them, and there are even cycling races during the year for those looking to spice up their vacation with adrenaline and adventure. Various water sports are on offer too: parasailing, jet-ski, pedal boat riding, underwater exploration and diving classes, and boat rental for visits to stunning coves that can be reached only by sea.

Explore Malinska and finally have a vacation for all senses!