Vacation with a pet on the Island of Krk

For the best and complete relaxation on your vacation, the most important factor is that the whole family is together and ready to enjoy, which includes the tiny members with the biggest hearts, your pets.

Nowadays, numerous hosts started to pay attention to the market needs and the needs of their potential guests and are adapting their accommodation as well as their offer and services to being “PET-FRIENDLY”. Thanks to well-equipped pet-friendly apartments and holiday homes, finding accommodation for your pets has never been easier.
If you choose the island of Krk as your ideal holiday location, you need not worry whether your pet will be able to enjoy together with you.

The Island of Krk has been recognized as an ideal tourist destination, with crystal clear seas and magical pebbly and sandy beaches, hidden romantic coves, various natural and remarkable attractions in which you can enjoy together with your four-legged friends.

Pet-friendly beaches on the island of Krk

In order to save you time researching the beaches and swimming areas, we bring you a list of pet-friendly beaches on the island of Krk:

  • beach Kijac, not far from Njivice
  • beach “Redagara”, near the hotel “Koralj” in the town of Krk
  • Baška, just near “Vela plaža”
  • vicinity of cape Šilo
  • Vrbnik, bay Mala javna, near the beach St. Marak
  • Malinska, at the entrance to “Rajska cesta”
  • Dunat, Galapagos beach

    Respect the rules of conduct and be considerate to the environment

Civilized behavior and rules of conduct are expected from pet owners and pets ☺ The pets should know how to play with other dogs and obey their owner, and a muzzle should be worn if need be. We mustn’t forget, the owners have the biggest part in keeping track of their pet’s behavior and the 3 golden rules:

  • Always keep an eye on your dog and don’t let it go far if it’s is not on its best behavior and always be considerate to others
  • Collect the feces after your pet to keep the environment clean, beautiful and an example for other visitors and guests, do not forget that public dog beaches are intended for a wide population, which means you are sharing the space with others.
  • Enjoy with your family, enjoy with your pets and always give them unconditional love just like they have been giving you from the first day!